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Monday, February 04, 2008



I've joined you - twice now, once as part of the "matching donation" thing - in putting my plastic where my mouth/head/heart are in supporting Barack. I forget who said this and where I read it, but I saw someone make a comment to the effect of "imagine the impact on a young Pakistani man in November 2008 on hearing that the name of the next president of the United States is Barack Hussein Obama" and that coupled with his ability to inspire, evident smarts, adeptness at neither ignoring nuances in complex issues nor devolving into wonkspeak, and his Kenyan roots have me very firmly sold. Or bought. Or something.


hmmm. Doesn't WA have an absentee ballot? If so, money isn't exactly the same as a real vote is it?


Can you not do absentee voting in WA? Your dad & I filled out the form & will be doing that in all elections. Love, Mom


WA has a primary and has absentee ballots, but they're meaningless (except perhaps as a barometer that SuperDelegates might choose to follow). Actually voting and distribution of convention delegates happens through in-person caucuses (like Iowa) on February 9th.


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