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Thursday, September 20, 2007



You can never have too much "Mexican Celebration" as the cover indicates. I celebrate every day!


Hilarious. I like how you alphabetized your taco list. Sounds like you are due for a visit to Siete Mares Express next time you are in town.

Patricia Arcaro

I loved your comments on Gourmet and for the same reasons dropped my subscription. However, unfortunately, not being an expert wordsmith, my verbiage lacked that certain oomph! Thanks for doing it for me and all those wandering souls who continue to search for a food magazine about - well, er,- food. Not ads or recycled recipes with one different ingredient which apparently makes it unique. Pat

Tracy Sturdivant

Hi there, I loved your comments to Gourmet mag. I have had similar thoughts about many magazines. Aren't they all just full of nothing most of the time? However, I lost my September 2007 issue of Gourmet magazine and would love to know if you still had yours and were willing to sell? I actually loved that particular issue and can't seem to find a copy anywhere. Sincerely, Tracy

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