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Monday, June 27, 2005



It's funny, I was just talking with Sara about how, now that I've gotten what I've been working toward for the past ten years, I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. The problem with being highly motivated is that you're also never quite satisfied to sit still for too long. Best of luck finding your new project, and keep us in the loop. Maybe it's time to start that novel you keep mentioning.


Novel! Wow. I love the idea of all your experience distilled into the characters of a novel...

Also: I love the pairing of pictures and words here at Joygantic. Have you given any more thought to the coffee table book we discussed briefly -- about people creating homes/shelters/spaces? Maybe it could be a collection of photos and essays about that, at Burning Man and away. That's something that seems to float around in my mind a lot in any case.

I'll be interested to hear what surfaces.


Right now you want to start something and it sounds like you’re putting the declutter-my-physical-space project ahead of deciding what that something is, so a small word of advice: don’t wait until you’ve cleared out your home office.

Start your project (or start down the path toward your project) before you’ve completely cleared and “perfected” the space. Take care of your office, but don’t use that project as a means to putting off the other stuff. Good book for you: Art & Fear, David Bayles.


Just start it. We will help where we can.


Sally, I appreciate the observation but that's not really what's going on. Trust me, I'm very in tune with my means of proscrasination. This is different. I have long lists of projects large and small, some private so possibly public, but I have not had any space--physically or temporally--to make them happen. That's what I'm working on right now and it's really about having a functional office/studio/workshop-like space and routinely sequestering myself there.

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