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Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Carson McComas

My opinion, worth it's weight in old shoes, is that this would be a hit. A counter-culture swell for those of us that are tipping toward gag on this (although I think Nike was brilliant doing it.) And the sooner the better, the window for relevance is passing quickly, but I think you could make a quick buck, and get some attention. You'd need to (covertly or otherwise) let BoingBoing, Kottke, and a few other judicious high profile blogs know about it and you'd have an instant wildfire hit.

Sell them for $1 just like Nike did.

Make sure they are a different color from Yellow. I'd suggest black.

I like "Live Wrong" but you might think of something even more clever... less subversive, more clever, esp. if you follow my next recommendation.

I think pledging profits to a deserving organization would quadruple sales. I'd pick something besides art though... something like RoomToRead or the Fistula Foundation would be much better and much more inspiring for consumers. If you can find a way to attach the message on the bracelet to the recipient organization you've got an even more assured hit.

Sell them in packs of 10 or more.

Let me know if you plan to do it. Sounds awesome.


Carson thanks for the awesome feedback. Black. That makes sense--it goes with everything. I'm taking your comments to heart and hope to figure out my shit in the next 72 hours.


I think its a great plan. Black is lovely although I had a halloween fondness for orange.

LiveStrong comes in normal and youth sizes.

I actually honor the LiveStrong thang, and bought 60 of them myself. My mom is a cancer survivor (although would cringe at being named to any category) and i've known several not-so-survivors. If this were MY thing, I might consider sending some of the proceeds to the livestrong campaign, but i am one guilt ridden dude. ;)


What a great idea. Love the black idea too, but yellow would make people look twice, or even better, make the assumption that you had bought a Live Strong bracelet.

I am also in favor of putting a nonsense word in and that way you could make up something when people asked you WTF with the bracelet. Rhyming websites turned up good words like "spong" (a peninsula-like shaped area of a farming field), "scuppernong" (sweet wine made from fruits of the scuppernong tree which grows in NC), etc. Live Spong would be just plain weird and in keeping with letting your freak flag fly, but without being a direct affront to the Live Strong brand ID...

And by the way? You should do it, no matter what I think and I will buy one, whatever color it is!



I'll buy ten, at least. Quite possibly more. Black. Yes. Please.


Oooo, Brilliant! Black, for sure, and boxes of 10, too. Fantastic ideas.

Bet you could get them sold at Archie's, too. The guy who runs the two sites below works for them.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help!

Mt. Awesome



I think you are just the right person to do this endeavor. I love the idea of proceeds going to an organization of some sort, too. Oh, and of course, I have a slight bias toward black, but it would be the color (or absence thereof) of choice.

Holler if you need help...


Yellow is the new black.


Or, was that Orange is the new black? Seafoam green? Ocre?


I love the idea and would buy my share. I would suggest a bright color, though. Orange is great. A primary color like orange or red will look less like an acessory and more like a statement. And proceeds going to an arts education cause are near and dear to me. I believe we need to stop looking at arts causes as 'extras' that only get funded in times of plenty. Arts education is as basic a need as literacy.

dirty bunny

As the originator of the "Circus Folks, Clowns, Burners, Cacophonists, Infernal Noise Makers, and other Assorted Miscreants!" email, I'd be ALL OVER helping move these bracelets. I'm sure Black Table would love the idea and likely feature them on their site (www.blacktable.com). And of course, I'd peddle the things to all the folks in Guerrilla Masquerade Party. And the burner community can help spread the word, for certain -- I bet if there was a 'good cause' involved, JackRabbitSpeaks might give it a shout out. Who knows?

I, too, appreciate that scads of $$ is going to help fight cancer, thanks to the LiveStrong bracelets. But there's something odd about seeing someone in a business meeting, or shopping for groceries while wearing a bright yellow plastic bracelet.

My vote would be to go with 'LiveWrong', and donate what you can to a worthy cause. And although I don't think black bracelets would elicit as much attention as, say, Orange, it is the most likely color to sell like hotcakes. The Goth kids will love them.


Black. Definitely, BLACK. I'd buy enough to give to everyone I know... It's a lot! Really.


Dude! I had practically the same idea as you and searched the web only to find that you have the same idea. My suggestion is to go with a Bright Red band as Nike has released a black and white LeBron James band. The bright red is equally as obnoxious as the yellow band and will draw all types of attention! LiveWrong is brilliant. Let me know if you need some start up funds. If you had these ready to sell, I know plenty of people that would pay $5 a piece for them!



oh man, i have someone working on this idea already and then i decide to look if anyone has thought of it and there u have it. exact same idea. exact same phrase. U still need funds? The only thing different about mine is the band isn't the same rubber one. damn, this makes me mad. but good luck to you man. Let me know if you need help.


Where can I buy one? These are hilarious. I want to order at least 10. Let me know.

Matt Westervelt

Very nice.


Red goes pretty good with black. And it would actually get seen. Black just sort of blends in.

John King

What was the name of the Chinese company who made the bracelets? How did you contact them?




Thats a great idea, i dont what other people think but i think you should totally make them in orange cause its like a parody of livestrong. how much are you planning on selling them for? you should post the price in your article. dont get them in black cause you cant read the writing. well anyways thats a grreat idea and i'd totally get one(if it was around a dollar)! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!LIVE WRONG!!!!


Your braclets are of da hook dog!


I have already made these 2 months ago. They are available on ebay. www.stores.ebay.com/livewrong or search for livewrong at ebay. Thanks and enjoy.
LIVEWRONG and prosper!


DUDE! I relly think you should do this. I love these new bands people are making and I think this onw makes the most sense. ROCK ON!


Good idea!
I've been selling the t-shirt (black with yellow text) for a month and people think it's hilarious.


Good idea!
I've been selling the t-shirt (black with yellow text) for a month and people think it's hilarious.


it would be a great idea...ive been lookin for an orange one all over and no luck!

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